The Case for Synchrony

Design isn’t about the creation of discrete objects, or even the design of the systems those objects operate within. It’s about the way systems interact with each other. It's about the way instruction interacts with facilities and how story interacts with instruction, and an adjustment to one inherently influences the others.

PlusUs is Now Form & Faculty

Nearly ten years have passed since PlusUs was born. In that time we've had the opportunity to work on education projects across the country and overseas: we've developed curriculum for students in all 50 states, we've created multi-media campaigns for schools and universities, and we've redesigned a myriad of spaces for 21st century learning.

Why Design?

"The emergence of design thinking in the twentieth century lies in a concern to connect and integrate useful knowledge from the arts and sciences alike, but in ways that are suited to the problems and purposes of the present.

When We Feel What Makes Your School Unique

Imagine for a moment you’re researching possible schools for your child. You’re online looking at websites, and most are confusing, cluttered, and uninspired. They do little to communicate what the school believes, or what makes it unique.

From Making the Grade to Making

We work in an area of Pennsylvania with many “good” public schools. I say “good” because there are a number of high schools in this area that sit at the top of the rankings for “Most Challenging Schools” or “Best High Schools” done by any number of publications in the state/nation.