University of the Arts
+ Identity Design
+ Print Design
+ Copywriting
+ Art Direction
+ Website Design & Development
Form & Faculty developed a series of storytelling materials to communicate the MDes in Product Design's new direction to prospective applicants.

To create a visual identity congruent with the program’s new strategic goals, we began by designing a new, dynamic logo. Built upon the visual logic of manufacturing, the logo animates in a way that’s reminiscent of automated machinery. The simple, strong typography is no-nonsense, and modeled off of the 1900s American vernacular lettering and signage found in urban environments.

This aesthetic filters into their web and print presences as well. Bold typography, plainspoken language, and a minimal color palette emphasize practicality and function. We improved faculty bios through photography and interviews, which included questions like “What is good design?”, “What are your passions?”, and “Where is the field of product design headed?” We curated case studies of student work, and placed an emphasis on their process. We built the site on a robust content management system so that students and faculty can quickly add and edit their own content.

The Product Design program at The University of the Arts nearly doubled the number of applications it received in the next enrollment cycle. The size of their next cohort increased, and the program also became more selective. They were able to think more strategically about their curriculum map, and could even engage students in those conversations because they understood the direction the program was headed.
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