The WQI Project
+ Research & Concept Development
+ Curriculum Design
+ Brand Development
+ Website Design & Development
The WQI Project creates young environmental monitors by encouraging learners to investigate water quality in their community and consider water challenges around the world.

Form & Faculty designed and produced a toolkit that provides students everything they need to learn about water quality issues and factors, and then prompts them to go into the field and test the Water Quality Index (WQI) of a local freshwater sample. Once the data is analyzed, students share their results with thousands of students around the country on the companion website.

‍The WQI Project is easily accommodated by middle school science curricula; it is built on Common Core State Standards and Next Generation Science Standards, and is a logical introduction to important concepts found in chemistry, biology, and environmental science. Most importantly, The WQI Project engages students with their community and the real world, and empowers them to think critically about their environment. Students contribute to a national database of open-source water information that can be leveraged by other students and scientists alike.
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