Friends' Central School
+ Interior Renovation
+ Design Research
+ Community Engagement
Form & Faculty collaborated with Friends’ Central School (FCS) to expand opportunities for project-based learning around campus. As the values of a maker education became increasingly integral to FCS, and as use of the school’s makerspace increased, FCS foresaw the need to offer supplementary space for making.

To do this, we worked with students and teachers to transform underutilized spaces around campus into miniature makerspaces called MakerNooks. These small spaces provide tools, materials, and workspace to small groups and individuals. In distributing these MakerNooks around campus, students and teachers can more easily incorporate making into their work.

Through a human-centered process that actively engaged students, we identified the most viable MakerNook locations, and encouraged dialogue on how these spaces can best support and extend the great work already happening at FCS. Students were also empowered to support the design and construction of the space.

This MakerNook completely transforms a former storage closet in the Middle School. MakerNooks create a joyous space for project-based learning, where all students can access what they need to create authentic projects.
We look forward to discussing your next project.