We are an interdisciplinary team looking at learning holistically.

The most diverse life occurs at the intersection of ecosystems. We operate at the intersection of many of these systems: we are designers, educators, makers, coders, big thinkers, and skilled implementers. Together, we design human-centered learning solutions for problems and purposes of the present.

Principal & Design Director

Phil Holcombe

Phil Holcombe is a designer and educator deeply curious about the relationship between design and learning. He gained experience in industry by working for a variety of design agencies, and in higher education, where he developed a new undergraduate degree program as Program Director.

In 2010, Phil founded what would become Form & Faculty, an interdisciplinary firm that designs human-centered learning solutions for the problems and purposes of the present. Phil is deeply invested in many aspects of F&F projects from concepting to execution.

Phil has played a meaningful role in shaping the storytelling and communications efforts of a Philadelphia-area high school, where he serves as a Trustee and Chair of the Communications Committee.

Phil holds a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design.

Twitter: @formandfaculty

Director of learning

Garreth Heidt

Garreth Heidt has developed innovative instruction methods for 25 years. His practice has always been based in the pursuit of answers to two driving questions: “Why are things the way they are?” and “How can we make them better?” His own answers to these questions have led him to create curricula that employ design- and project-based learning to develop students’ skills in critical viewing, civil discussion, and creative problem finding and solving.

Garreth holds a BA in English and a M.Ed in Curriculum, Technology and Instruction from Temple University.

Twitter: @ed_by_design

Director of Strategy

Joseph Torre

Joseph Torre has spent over 25 years facilitating strategy development in educational and Fortune 500 settings. At F&F, Joseph develops communications strategy that underpins design projects and guides strategic planning efforts for schools. Joe’s background includes deep knowledge of psychology and human resources.

Joseph holds a certificate in conflict resolution from Cornell University and a certificate in professional human resources management from Villanova University.