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Phil Holcombe

Phil Holcombe is the Principal and Design Director at Form & Faculty. He has crafted communications for brands around the world, built curricula as a Program Director in higher education, and serves as a trustee of a Philadelphia high school.

Nearly ten years have passed since we began designing under the name PlusUs. In that time we've had the opportunity to work on education projects across America and overseas: we've developed curriculum for students in all 50 states, created multi-media campaigns for schools and universities, and redesigned a myriad of spaces for 21st century learning.

We've learned a great deal about how we can best assist our clients and have slowly evolved our scope of services to reflect that knowledge. What hasn't evolved during that time is our own sense of self and corresponding visual identity. So in anticipation of the company's tenth anniversary, we took a long look at how our work is communicated to our audience. After carful review and months of hard work, we are ready to announce a new name, graphic identity, and website.

Effective today, PlusUs will be known as Form & Faculty.

While our old name spoke to our process and interest in designing collaboratively with clients (how we work), it didn't articulate what we did or why we did it. The new name attempts to tell our audience more about our beliefs and offerings.

Form alludes to our capacity to construct with elegance and meaning, often pulling from multiple sources to do so. Faculty is a word with multiple definitions: it's a reference to teaching and administrative staff, clearly connecting our work to education. Faculty also describes an innate ability or capacity. Pairing these words created an apt description of the company we've become, squarely focused on the intersection of education and design.

Rather than describing our new visual assets to you, I encourage you to explore them yourself by visiting our new website. We hope that the cumulative effect of these changes feel like a maturation rather than a major departure.

It's important to note that what we do will remain the same: our team of educators and designers will continue to help clients invested in learning tell stories, design physical space, and create high quality instruction. And our PlusUs e-mail addresses and website URL will all redirect to the new name, making it easy for you to transition with us.

Lastly, I'd like to thank everyone who has supported us this first decade. The survival rate of small businesses is low, and we're very fortunate to have made it this far. With your continued support and interest, Form & Faculty will be here to help long into the future.


Phil Holcombe
Principal + Design Director
Form & Faculty


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