We are an interdisciplinary team looking at learning holistically.

The most diverse life occurs at the intersection of ecosystems. We operate at the intersection of many of these systems: we are designers, educators, makers, coders, big thinkers, and skilled implementers. Together, we design human-centered learning solutions for problems and purposes of the present.

Our office is an inspired place to create.

A former church, F&F's space has been lovingly converted into modern, creative office space. Many of the original details have been preserved or repurposed, such as the original pipe organ which now serves as lighting fixtures throughout the space, and Sunday School furniture that populates our conference area.

Principal & Design Director

Phil Holcombe

Phil Holcombe founded what would become Form & Faculty in 2010. He draws on experience as a trained designer and college professor, often working at the intersection of communications, physical space, and instruction. Phil has become an expert on the ways designing across disciplines can help schools gain a competitive advantage.

Phil serves as a Trustee of a Philadelphia-area high school, and on the Advisory Board of a school district's Innovation Lab. He holds a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design.

Twitter: @phil_holcombe